Tank Vacuuming

Dry and Wet Vacuum Cleaning

Jamko provides specialized industrial cleaning services to meet the needs of industrial facilities. These facilities require a wide range of infrastructure cleaning and maintenance services. We are fully prepared to clean waste water collection systems, including storm and sanitary sewers, catch basins, lift stations, wet vaults, culverts, leachate and all components of water treatment plants.

Jamko uses water blasting equipment to clean out blockages and debris that collects in tanks. Our high volume vacuum then removes the debris that was blasted from the piping eliminating debris for traveling further causing more system failure.

Dry and wet vacuum cleaning operation removes sand, grit, resins, coke, fly ash, powder, sludge and dozens of other materials for customers on regular cleaning schedules, scheduled outages and in emergency situations. A preventative maintenance plan that includes industrial vacuuming services increases a plant’s performance.

Cleaning and Inspections include:
  • Wet or Dry material
  • Sewer pipe jetting
  • Storm drain clean-out
  • Manhole clean-out
  • Vacuum retention ponds
  • Tank sludge removal
  • Mud removal
  • Vacuum rocks and dry sand
  • Vacuum trenches
  • Emergency road spills
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Machine cleaning
  • Plant Clean-up
  • Waste removal

Tank Vacuuming Images