Storm Water Collection Systems

Quality inspections and cleaning

Remote visual inspection is used to quickly and accurately diagnose pipe anomalies, such as cracks, breaks or debris that may cause failure to your system. We have a diverse collection of robotic crawlers wich can also locate laterals, tie-ins, manways, and valves that have not been mapped.

That’s why we specialize in time and cost savings by providing inspections without making a manned-entry, which makes confined spaces an ideal situation for CCTV inspection services.

Our crawlers vary in size to inspect pipe from 4 in. diameter to 72 in. diameter and can travel over 2,000 feet. Jamko is also equipped to inspect pipe smaller than 4 in. diameter using various push cameras and video probes.

Cleaning and Inspections include:
  • Storm Pipes
  • Batch Basins
  • Culverts
  • Trenches

Vactor Cleaning

Jamko uses the most advanced and effective technology available in the marketplace. From small to large openings and areas, Jamko has the remote visual inspection and cleaning equipment for each application.

Jamko uses water blasting equipment to clean out blockages and debris that collect in the pipes. Our high volume vacuum then removes the debris that was blasted from the piping eliminating debris for traveling further causing more system failure.