Service Water Inspections

Locate and Map Pipes and Valves

Remote visual inspection may be used exclusively to quickly and accurately diagnose pipe discontinuities, such as cracks, breaks or debris that may cause failure to your system. Our diverse collection of robotic crawlers can also locate laterals, tie-ins, manholes and valves that have not been mapped.

Our crawlers vary in size to inspect pipe from 4 in diameter to 36 in diameter and can travel over 600 feet. Jamko is also equipped for pipe smaller than 4in diameter with various push cameras and video scopes for inspections. Our team of experienced operators deliver professional images, audio & video with location, time/date and footage data.

Pipe Inspections
  • Service Water Piping
  • Buried Piping
  • Primary Feedwater Piping
  • Secondary Feedwater Piping

Service Pipe Inspection Crawler

Secondary FOSAR


CANDU Feedwater Pipe Inspection