Foreign Object Search And Retrieval

It can happen… Even the smallest objects can cause large expenses for your facility. Foreign Object Search And Retrieval (FOSAR) will locate and remove foreign material from your system.

Loose parts and foreign materials are a reality of during every plant outage. A dropped wrench, bolt or other foreign object in a confined space or hazardous area can be catastrophic to system integrity and plant safety if not properly identified and retrieved. Industrial plants on the cutting edge of technology use foreign material search and retrieval services during scheduled maintenance activities to ensure a safe start up.

Foreign object retrieval tools consist of alligator jaws, snares, hooks, powerful magnets, and grippers. Along with the retireval tools, articulating guide tubes and flexible fiberglass poles are employed as a deliver device. Typically a push camera, video borescope or pipe inspection crawler is used by skilled technicians in conjunction with the retrieval tools to scan, locate and assist in properly positioning of retrieval tools and removal of foreign material.

Plant Systems
  • Steam Generators
  • Pressurizer
  • Turbine
  • Pipes and Tanks

Steam Generator Annulus FOSAR

Feedwater Piping FOSAR