INVU Camera

handheld Portable Camera

INVU is a handheld, video inspection system made with highly durable material and a powerful internal system. It's unique 25 foot spring cable allows you to quickly inspect pipes with multiple angles.



Making You More Flexible

The INVU Portable Push System from Jamko offers flexibility of a spring system and the rigidness of a fiberglass rod. Simple and easy to use, its 1 inch diameter head and 25 foot spring system is designed for the quick and simple inspections. No more large cable reels or bulky cases.

  • Easy Set Up and Operation
  • More Flexible than Fiberglass
  • 0.9in [23mm] Camera Head

Flexible for Each Application

  • Drain Lines
  • House Laterals
  • Vent Stacks
  • Slabs
  • Septic Lines & Tanks
  • Water Lines