Balance of Plant Inspections

Tank, Vessel, and Confined Space Inspections

With the aid of a pan, tilt & zoom camera, push cameras, and video probes, Jamko technicians are able to inspect each area in a timely, and cost efficient manner. Our Pan & Tilt zoom cameras are waterproof up to 100 feet, have on-board lighting, and can zoom down to 2 square inches.

Our push cameras inspect tubes as small as 1” in diameter. For even smaller areas Jamko has articulating video probes 20’ long. To inspect a tank, vessel, or boiler let one of our technicians gather the quality data you need to meet the API regulatory guidelines.

Cleaning and Inspections include:
  • Underground Piping and Tunnel
  • Service Water Piping
  • Turbine FME
  • Heat Exchanger Tube
  • Boiler Tube